Blog Birth Date

13th December 2014

Definition of Unravel:

  1. to disentangle (something woven, tangled, or ravelled up); to disengage or separate the threads of.
  2. to explain; to clear from complication or difficulty; as, to unravel a mystery.

A lot is happening in our lives as I type this first post. Our house is on the market, we are planning a move around the world, and Christmas is less than two weeks away. In fact, the inspiration to start this blog came as my family returned from a trip to pick up a Christmas tree!

A lot is going on in my thoughts as well. You know the feeling when you start to get messages from all directions – from books, blog posts, conversations with friends and loved ones? That is what I’ve been experiencing these last few days.

It began with a final session for the year with our psychotherapist. After six sessions in the last three months, undertaken because I felt we were stuck in a rut in our marriage, we have reached a place of much more togetherness and understanding. The time and money we have spent have been well worth it. Old patterns in both of us have been addressed, feelings validated, plans encouraged. Leaving that last session I felt like we’d reached a milestone – a hard earned one. I also had a feeling that it was the first day of the rest of our lives.

And then came the exhortation from Lori Roeleveld in Running from a Crazy Man to be unreservedly me. To tell the story only I can tell.

And the blog post my Dad wrote, with the prompting to be brave enough to go public with what I have learned. And later in the same post the need to confront the system of power that is called patriarchy. Having been raised in a family where I experienced a certain brand of this debilitating and soul destroying control, I have a growing passion to empower others towards freedom by sharing some of my story.

And so this blog is born….


The above was written 10 months ago. It’s taken me this long to once again find the courage to begin. But something is different now…more on that next time.


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