Thoughts on My Target Audience

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I have been thinking a lot this week about the direction I want to take this blog and who my target audience is. I could be journalling instead, so it’s obvious I want something more. And then I always come back to my long-held dream which is to encourage others as I have been encouraged.

We are all on this journey called life and I know how good it feels to know I’m not alone in my struggles. There is always someone else out there who has faced or is facing similar challenges. I’m grateful for the information, resources and encouragement I’ve found on my journey to being at peace with my story and who I am. I’d like to offer hope and support to those who are on similar journeys.

If you can relate to any of the following then you are one of my target audience:

* Raised by toxic parents, including a narcissistic mother. Was the scapegoat of the family, controlled and manipulated. Suffered spiritual abuse and emotional neglect.
* Raised in a Christian home, but have been questioning my faith for the last 5+ years. Am enthusiastic about how much more there is to life and spirituality outside the box of religion. Still have much to learn and reevaluate.
* Love reading and am often talking about a book I’m excited about. Will be sharing my recommended reads.
* Am a wife and a mother to three children. Marriage and parenting come with their own sets of challenges and rewards, as many of you know!
* Have a great interest in psychotherapy and plan to do further study. Will likely blog about what I’m learning.
* Learning photography and will often preface a post with a photograph.
* Had a desire to write for years but not had the courage. Finding it now!
* Figure life is about unravelling mysteries or at least trying to. This blog will detail all sorts in my effort to understand life as I live it.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on My Target Audience

  1. dbhall1911 says:

    It is so sad that the “Christian Army” is the only army that shoots its wounded. But thankfully those type of folks are few and far in between. When I read this post, you were describing my life experience. Our histories have a lot in common; so much so it’s scary.

    I too was raised in a Christian home by ACA (adult children of alcoholics) parents and therefore carried the baggage that accompanies that dysfunctional parenting. I too started questioned my faith, G_d and abandoned Christianity altogether. One day I was challenged by a friend to investigate the claims of Christ, and I did so for many months. What I found was that Christ HATED religion!

    Religion is essentially man’s efforts to get to G_d. Whereas, true Christianity is in fact about reach down to us to build a relationship rather than identification by a label. The sadducees were focused on the law and the pharisees were a political group with a philosophy. Jesus had nothing good to say about these hypocrite groups of the day that twisted the scriptures to serve their own interests.

    Ultimately in my investigation I found my way, learning that the Holy Spirit of the Trinity that dwelt within me (despite my abandoning Him) brought me the peace, healing and understanding I needed to make some sense of this world as well as my faith. I prayerfully offer that same challenge to you to critically examine the claims of Christ. I hope and pray that your search will lead you to the same conclusions I’ve learned.

    You are correct in your comment, “about how much more there is to life and spirituality outside the box of religion.” There is a lot out there but not all of it is good, spiritually. I still remain very analytical, critical and cautious of “organized religion.” Yet I now enjoy a deeper faith and worship experience as I sought out purely biblically based fellowships refusing to identify themselves with specific organizations loaded with their twist on doctrine. I actually interview and interrogated pastors/clergy is determining if what they offered honored G_d. If what they teach doesn’t align with Christ’s teaching – I’m gone.

    Ironically my amazing wife is Jewish, which is at the opposite side of the “religious” spectrum from what I was raised. Yet, through life struggles and trials we both arrived at the same place with the same faith in the same Messiah. It funny, and quite entertaining how G_d orchestrated our lives.

    Thank you for your honesty and transparency, and for taking the time to share.

    I leave you with this my friend:

    5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    And do not lean on your own understanding.
    6 In all your ways acknowledge Him,
    And He will make your paths straight
    (Proverbs 3:5-6 NASB)

    Be well and be blessed, David


    • Wow,that was quite a message, David. 🙂 Thank you for your thoughts. I do relate to a lot of what you wrote. It certainly sounds like there are similarities in our stories. I’m so pleased that you have also found peace and healing. It was lovely to get a little glimpse of your love story too – I do love seeing the hand of God on our lives. Oh, and the verses you shared are right at the top of my favourites list!

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