Great Posts #4


Imagine what you can accomplish if, no matter what has happened up to this point, you believe you are worthy of happiness, success, joy, love, and fulfillment. No more guilt. No more doubt.

You are Worthy! by Dave at

You are the creator of your life.

Begin Again – A raw and honest post by Rian at Truth and Cake. She also has some fabulous advice for new bloggers: So, You Want to Start a Blog…

To be in a relationship with someone means that the two of you are going to grow and evolve together.  Really, its the ultimate purpose of the relationship.  It’s about our own soul’s growth and evolution and how it evolves, grows, and learns with another.

You Don’t Have to “Figure Yourself Out” Before You Can Love Someone Else by Jennifer Twardowski

Go Within Every Day and Find the Inner Strength so That the World Will Not Blow Your Candle out – Katherine Dunham

Another encouraging post by The Seeds of Life. If you haven’t checked this site out yet, you’ll want to!

I made a promise to myself to never try to live up to anyone else’s expectations or try to be anyone I’m not. I’ve finally learnt the art of self-acceptance and I’ve never been happier. Never again will I subscribe to someone else’s dreams.

I came across Jonelle at The Tyranny of Pink this week. This quote is from her About Page and I love it. I’ve come to this place myself and it’s wonderful. If you head over to her blog you might also like to check out DON’T LIVE SOMEONE ELSE’S VERSION OF YOUR LIFE.

Finally, I’ll leave you with a beautiful picture of love and connection. One of the Most Powerful Art Pieces at Burning Man This Year

I’d love to know if any of the above articles resonate with you.

Can you share any inspiring posts you’ve read this week?



6 thoughts on “Great Posts #4

  1. Elizabeth, thank you so much for the mention. Really an honour. I really love this quote:

    Go Within Every Day and Find the Inner Strength so That the World Will Not Blow Your Candle out – Katherine Dunham

    Great way to live!


      • I love your blog Elizabeth, thanks for finding me so that I could find you 🙂 The LYLCG is great for making wonderful discoveries of like minded people! x


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