Great Posts #6


  • More on Benefits of Therapy: How Therapy Saves Us From Wasting Our One Precious Life
  • Children of toxic parents could have PhDs in justifying why their parents treated them so badly. Many of us still love our parents, and have been fed a constant narrative that we were the problem. It is extremely hard to move away from this point of view, and to pass through guilt and shame to understanding it wasn’t our fault. But it can happen. 7 Signs You Grew Up With A Toxic Parent And Didn’t Know It
  • If you struggle in your role as a parent you are not alone. You may not have been home-schooled as I was, or raised by toxic parents but you might find this list of parenting resources helpful if the following resonates with you. Have you heard of non-punitive parenting? Or Gentle/Peaceful Parenting? Darcy writes “But no matter the label, the root is the idea that children are people too, and that as people, they can grow and learn and develop best in an atmosphere of peace and connection, not punishment or coercion. We seek to validate our children’s emotions while teaching them how to appropriately express them. Traits that define how peaceful parents interact with their children include empathy, compassion, respect, boundaries, and unconditional love.” Parenting Beyond Our Past: A Resource Guide
  • Were you emotionally neglected by your parents? Do you spend time with them at Christmas? Here are some ideas for you: Emotionally Neglectful Family? 7 Tips for the Holidays
  • Do you have negative feelings around Christmas? This article might offer some encouragement: The Joy of a Merry Christmas

What is a great read you’ve come across this week? Would love you to share in the comments below!



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