An Unexpected Pause


I’ve been silent here for a while due to coming down with a bad cold/virus on Christmas morning. I woke with a pounding head and groaned. It was to be my first ever Christmas with my Dad and I didn’t want to be sick! Dad arrived at 8.30am and stayed until 4pm – we had a wonderful day together. I managed to keep functioning until he left and then came to bed – where I’ve been most of the time since!

I’m grateful for my husband’s great care of me: he’s kept house, made meals and spent hours with our children. It’s meant I’ve been able to focus on resting and I’m rather relieved to finally be starting to feel more like my normal self.

Normally I spend a lot of time between Christmas and New Year thinking back over the year and setting goals for the new one. My head hasn’t been up to much of that this time round. I’ve missed getting out for walks with my camera too and look forward to resuming that soon. I have been reflecting on how 2016 will be our first full year in our new country. We still have lots of settling in to do, a new home and income sources to find.

It’s strange seeing my Facebook feed full of summery days down under while here we are in the middle of a wet and blustery winter. I think it’s all part of the strangeness of acclimatizing and adjusting to a new culture. Almost like life has continued for our friends on the underside while it has stopped for us here. I wonder when we’ll start to feel like we are living fully again?

I never meant to take a break from blogging. It just happened. I did mention I’d be doing poll, and feel that now is a good time for that.

Looking forward to interacting with you all again, making new blogging friends and learning more about life as we all live it in 2016. Wishing you all a great year!



5 thoughts on “An Unexpected Pause

  1. Hi Elizabeth, Good to read from you again. Sometimes, nature forces us to take a break especially times when we don’t feel well. Relocation and adapting to a new culture is never easy. It takes a while to get settled in to a new place. Wish you the best this year and hope you enjoy your new country. πŸ™‚


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