Great Posts #8

Great Posts I've Read This Week

I haven’t done a Great Posts post for a few weeks, so this is a bit of a catch up one. 🙂

  • I read this first post soon after I wrote On Finding Our Unique Voice.

Life is about infinite growth and expanding, it’s surrendering where you feel you need to be and showing up where you are so you may become. Life is about the return to yourself, the one born of love and fully whole before growing up in this cruel and beautiful world. No growth, no expansion, no mess, no embracing of it all.. that isn’t living. Kristy @ A Renaissance Glow. Read the rest here: Be Yourself. Unless You’re a Unicorn, Then Be a Unicorn

  • I don’t know about you, but I really want to be as genuine as I can be. I also look for others who are real. How genuine are you? 🙂

Genuine people are more or less the same on the inside as their behavior is on the outside. Steve Tobak. Read the rest here: 10 Behaviors of Genuine People

  • It was just over 2 years ago that I researched the word Narcissist and realized it explained so much of my relationship with my mother. I’ve learned a lot since then from reading books and things I’ve found on the internet and I’ve also realized how common this type of parent is. If you are struggling to make sense of any relationship, if you wonder if you are going insane because things don’t add up, if you feel that you are not being truly heard or seen, then check into this a bit more. You might just find some answers and understanding. Becky Johnson has written this informative post: The Pocket Guide to Narcissism: Nourishing Recovery from Crazymakers.

Do any of these posts resonate with you as well? Have you checked out my Facebook page yet? I share other posts and quotes I love there too.

Blessings to you,



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