More About Elizabeth

I chose adulthood at 32. Yup! It took me that long to realize I had to choose it, that it wasn’t something automatic! This blog is my outlet for sharing some of the mysteries I’ve unravelled since then.

I’m a fellow traveller on this journey called life,  enthusiastic about learning and growing and becoming the best me I can be. One of my biggest joys is to offer encouragement and support to others. I do this here by sharing things I’m learning on my journey to overcoming the challenges I face in my every day life.

I’ve been through a lot of transitions and I’m now beginning to coach others through their own. I’ve been through a fairly big transformation recently (writing this in June 2016) and feel blessed to now be able to support others as they delve into inner work to transform their pasts into a beautiful present.

Aside from writing and coaching I enjoy mothering my three children, making up for 35 lost years with my Dad, coaching, reading inspiring books, making new friends, and taking photographs. Read an early post, A Little About Me.

I hope your visit will leave you feeling encouraged and validated on your life journey, and inspired to keep learning and growing! Let’s encourage each other to be more authentic and real.