Everybody’s Got A Story: “Joy” by Elizabeth Jay – Guest Post – #WriterWednesday

Thanks to Marquessa for the opportunity to guest post!

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This guest post is beautifully written and inspiring…”You are enough”.

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20160303Robin3 A relationship with myself was never encouraged when I was growing up. In fact my parents told me what I could read, what I should think, how I should spend my time, what my philosophy of life should be. They discouraged my burgeoning independence and called it rebellion. I learned well that they were always right and that therefore if my opinions were different to theirs they were clearly wrong. I learned that my intuition was not to be trusted. The strong message I got in a myriad of ways was that I was wrong.

My journey out of this belief is still ongoing. It began when I was nineteen with my first understanding that I was lovely and worthy of love. I remember a guest speaker at…

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